Here in Morgantown, West Virginia, I spend my time juggling between raising 2 school-aged children with my husband, and the busy life of an artist and maker of things. Work is not only defined by the ins and outs of parenthood, but turning inspiration into the tangible.

A few hours a day, and most evenings, you will find me splitting my time between making pottery for everyday use and crafting earrings and necklaces. Born out of my love for giant earrings, jewelry making has become a new medium to express myself. Making jewelry late into the night, has allowed me to explore my “make-it-with-your-hands ‘ mantra.

Since graduate school at WVU, I have been inspired by pattern and process. Vintage fabric and wallpaper, rusty metal,Turkish tiles- you name it. I can be inspired by almost anything. I am always re-tooling a pattern into my designs. What has changed over the years is the process. For me, pattern and process have always been central to making utilitarian pottery,  Now, they are a part of my jewelry design as well. The series of dots and lines that found their way onto my pottery have now filtered into my jewelry line as well. The repetition of drawing on pots is now coupled with the repetition of jewelry production.

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